54th & 3rd 7"

by Frankie Machine

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nothing is new i've executed everything i had for you don't wonder why the wonder's gone be back here another day and i will always be identical in every way and it still means nothing is new you're still a street and i am still an avenue no wonder all the wonder's gone when every time we cross you say that i will always be identical right down to the way that it still means nothing is new you made your mark you left a permanent tattoo i wonder why the wonder's gone each time i think its passed away the sigh i say is still identical in every way it still means nothing
if you ever need me i'm exactly where you left me i thought i'd take it easy where is the fun in moving on if you ever miss me you know where to go to find me just search your memory you'd hardly know that i'd moved on sometimes i move it's just not that you'd notice if i go any slower i might fall over if you're ever passing and you feel like reminiscing then wake me gently and remind me who you are again if you're ever dreaming and you get that damp warm feeling maybe you've wet the bed or you've been dreaming of me again
look me up i'm not down my problems are few the flaw in the plan is always one of two when i see her for the last time and her windows get put through because either she's too much like you or not enough like you how can i be brave when i don't know who i draw a map of my life and wait to see what they do when i realise there's no future and the rule remains true she's either too much like you or she's not enough like you


FRANKIE MACHINE - 54th & 3rd 7"
3 track EP
Blue Vinyl
May 2001



released May 1, 2001


all rights reserved


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