Francis Albert Machine & Friends

by Frankie Machine

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54th & 3rd 04:08
nothing is new i've executed everything i had for you don't wonder why the wonder's gone be back here another day and i will always be identical in every way and it still means nothing is new you're still a street and i am still an avenue no wonder all the wonder's gone when every time we cross you say that i will always be identical right down to the way that it still means nothing is new you made your mark you left a permanent tattoo i wonder why the wonder's gone each time i think its passed away the sigh i say is still identical in every way it still means nothing
if you take away all the things you took from the things i gave then something somewhere just doesn't add up if the place i stayed reminds you of a hospital i'll explain they only nurse me because they have to because they're paid to painted in a corner you check-mate me if the love you gave seemed too mechanical that's ok we know people who prefer it that way and if nothing else gets saved then one day you'll treasure the pieces all the tiny scraps of paper remember we said we'd call our first born jesus you take it so graciously i take it so gratefully if i could take some leave from me then i'd escape from me too
Any Gaps 00:29
i've avoided this for so long kept the beams apart but still you close the spaces between the beatings of my heart i don't glitter like i used to so how can i hold on to the only hand i want to i hold on to myself this all seems so familiar the dark side lets it start but still you close the spaces between the beatings of my heart i've pictured every ending i've been flat and i've been sharp but still you close the spaces between the beatings of my heart
Gyproque 01:54
why did you tell me i don't know where is the love in you and just what did you think i would forget this story you say the funniest things i will keep this to myself until you make me use it don't you ever think that i won't sometimes you know you're priceless you say the funniest things just how much can you love him as far as you can push things if it means that you get what you need i've seen your magic working you say the funniest things you are the funniest thing so were you still warm from him when gyproc climbed back inside you and you felt sure he felt nothing wrong and neither did his sister you say the funniest things you are the funniest thing you do the funniest things
and you still believe every lie that i told you like when i said i was resurrected by the love you poured on to my lifeless body i'm sorry i'm so sorry i never meant it when i said i loved you
her mother writes books her father is a historian they lived down in the house near the crematorium and some nights when i stayed there if i caught the wind just right you could smell them burning bodies all night i'd have married her if she'd have only thought to ask me i could have made her happy if she hadn't been so happy already her hair was shining black like an old 78 she crackled with charm in much the same way and some nights when i stayed there if i caught her mood just right we would stay up breaking records all night she moved away her family moved her away they had to move her away for both our sakes
Many To Many 01:03
i thought about you so hard my arm began to ache if only i'd known you were still awake i'd have come much quicker i thought it but began to scar like a black map at your feet if only i'd know you were dead not asleep it could have changed everything
you can hold it like a pen i use it for communication you knew what i was saying i think you knew what i meant when i wrote the word frustration all over your face you need to get me out of your hair go on wash me clean right out of there you can hold on to the end until you feel realisation you knew that i was hurting and you caught the tail end i slept through the explanations but at least i stayed the night
you need to put this all together and tell me what is in the picture in case i wait around forever do you see you and me eventually you're finally defeated you've given in you've let me win i tell myself it's love i need your honesty upon me would life be quicker if it's empty you make me hurt you are so lovely do you see you and me eventually you've finally conceded you've let me win you've cashed me in i'll tell myself it's love i'll swear that it's enough i'll tell us both it's love in case it's enough you and me eventually you're finally defeated you've given in you've crumbled and I tell myself it's love
1-07 01:07
i'm tragic love i'm easy meat you can understand it i never use the L word because you never command it and if it ever passed my lips it was headed inwards like catching snowflakes on my tongue it never lasted you feel the grooves upon my soul but you didn't etch them still you're the only one who hears the song they play keep away from me just keep away from any good you see in me it's probably long gone so keep away from me i'm tragic love i'm easy meat but that shouldn't excuse it no matter what you make me say you'll never disprove it and if you thought for just one day that i was mended then that says more about your faith than the way it ended



FRANKIE MACHINE - Francis Albert Machine & Friends

Debut CD August 2002


released August 1, 2002


all rights reserved


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